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So you want to ride with us, you have to read and agree with the following:

I agree that there are dangers relied to motorcycle riding and I further agree that on tours with "North Star - The Enduro Touring Company", there are certain additional dangers and risks, namely the following:

Personal injuries of all nature are possible and I understand I must act responsibly while riding on the public roads, off-roads and other terrains/roads I might encounter during our tour with "North Star - The Enduro Touring Company".

I understand I cannot claim any personal or other damages from "North Star - The Enduro Touring Company" and their overseas partners and representatives in other countries and staff.

I also understand that I need to have an insurance issued by myself, and make sure this insurance is covering all kinds of sports, extreme sports, off-road (no official racing), personal injuries, hospitalization, rescue and other related coverage suitable for off-road and street roads tours.

I confirm having an international valid and suitable driving license for the kind of bikes I will use in these tours provided by "North Star - The Enduro Touring Company". I understand I cannot find "North Star - The Enduro Touring Company" and their overseas partners and representatives in other countries and staff liable for this.

On the tours, there are sometimes chosen riding techniques and riding speeds similar to motorcycle riding under competition conditions. Risks or dangers can't be excluded, even with the highest diligence of "North Star - The Enduro Touring Company" and the tourguides. In particular can’t be excluded the danger of a damage caused by another participant of the tour. Following to the use of the motorcycle off road, sometimes even in heavy terrain, there is a high possibility of damage or increased wear.

The tours lead through way less or unsettled areas. The dangers in these areas consist in particular in deep canyons and obstacles like per example rocks, trees, holes and indentations, stone walls and ruins of walls and further varying or difficult soil, which can't be seen or occur, following to the speed, very quickly. Communication is difficult in some areas. In case of an accident, rescue and medical care could be available late or not at all.

Especially in rocky or mountain areas, the weather conditions can be extreme or change quickly and radically without warning.

I accept all these dangers and risks on the tours with "North Star - The Enduro Touring Company", in particular the risk of injury, demise, damage or loss of property.

I admit, that the pleasure and the excitement on tours like the ones offered by "North Star - The Enduro Touring Company" are partly related to the motorcycle riding on particular routes or in the sometimes difficult terrain. The dangers under these riding conditions are part of the fascination on tours such "North Star - The Enduro Touring Company".

It's solely my task to estimate, if my riding skills are on a level high enough to master the route shown by the tourguides. The organizer or the tourguide isn’t obligated to pinpoint and verify my riding skills and my abilities.

I take cognizance of the specific dangers and risks on the tours and I take part at the tour on my own risk.

I understand and agree there is no liability of "North Star - The Enduro Touring Company" and their overseas partners and representatives in other countries and staff on behalf of injuries and damages which I may sustain during the tour.

I understand and agree there is no liability of "North Star - The Enduro Touring Company" and their overseas partners and representatives in other countries and staff neither willfully or grossly negligent for an injury or damage caused by a partner or a member of the riding group. 

I understand and agree that the protective gear and clothing I am using are under my responsibility, and I cannot ride without these (helmet, googles, chest protection, elbow protection, gloves, jersey and pants, knee protection and riding boots). I also know I must use prescription glasses if so are mentioned in my international driver's license.

In the event I am using "North Star - The Enduro Touring Company" rented or free of charge protective riding gear, I understand the same as above mentioned rules applies. I understand I cannot hold "North Star - The Enduro Touring Company" and their overseas partners and representatives in other countries and staff liable for the quality or performance of these protective gear and accessories.

Any liability of "North Star - The Enduro Touring Company" or the tourguides is excluded for material damage or damage to persons if caused by myself, except if these damages are covered by the liability insurance prescribed by the regulations. In any case, the scope of the claim is limited at the extent of the insurance cover in the precise case. I accept in any case to not to prosecute "North Star - The Enduro Touring Company" or the tourguide and their overseas partners and representatives in other countries and staff or any on their behalf.

Usage of data: I hereby agree that "North Star - The Enduro Touring Company" may use my name and address as well as all photos, films and other images of me during the entire tour, for marketing purposes, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other public communication which "North Star - The Enduro Touring Company" makes from time to time. I can revoke this agreement in writing, anytime before starting of the tour, if delivered in hand and by mail with return receipt to "North Star - The Enduro Touring Company".

North Star - The Enduro Touring Company will never sell or distribute personal data of its clients to any other third parties.

Medical Data

When you participate in our rides, you will be asked to fill a medical form. We will ask you on food allergies, medical conditions, issues that we need to know and prevent or approve you of participating in our events.

It is our responsibility to stop you from participating in case we decide you are not capable in medical terms. In such a case we will refund you the package price in total but not any traveling expenses. 

We will also ask you if you are under any kind of medication in order to make sure we /you Cary it with you in our rides.

Refusal to inform us on your medical issues is a reason to stop you from participating.

Any of North Star crew can decide in any time that you are not able to participate or continue an event realising or suspecting a medical issue.

We hold absolutely no responsibility in case of misunderstanding, hiding of misinterpreting any of the fields in this paragraph or any paragraph in our terms of agreement. 



In case of an injury our company will perform its best efforts to fulfil the procedures and demands on your private extreme sports or sports participating insurance.

In case of insurance lack, we will perform our best efforts to immediately seek medical assistance from our national health provider (EKAV) and the National Hospital of Kavala. 

If it is not an emergency, North Star staff and especially Mr Athanasios Papathanasiou is trained in first aid and we will perform our best efforts to support you and help you with your health issue.

It is solely your responsibility to avoid an injury. Our staff will never force you, challenge you, provoke you or make you perform in a riding level you don't wish to or can't.



In all packages in case of cancelation a 10% of the total booking amount is held to cover booking expenses (Hotel, restaurants etc), this is your booing pre deposit and it can not be refunded but we can discount it from your next booking in some cases.

If you cancel your booking in a time more that 30 days before the event date and prepaid the 100% of it, then we will return to you 90% of your total booking. 

In case of cancellation, we will refund the amount to the clients bank account as soon as we receive it from his credit card or deposit or paypal. Transfer fees may apply and be different in each Bank. Our company holds no responsibility on this matter.


Single riders terms & conditions

You have to agree with the following: 

---> You have to Check in at Egnatia hotel on the 14th of May any time according to your flight, you can check in on the 15th but North Star can not delay the group for your arrival and the group will be departing our HQ at 9:30am the latest. 

---> Riding days will be 15th-16th-17th May, and Check out on the 18th. Extra days on this event can not be provided.

---> North Star mini van will be departing the airport of Thessaloniki on the 14th of May at 21:00.

---> In order to collect all riders arriving from this airport.Your flights will be here hours earlier but North Star can not make more that one transfer from Thessaloniki to Kavala. Make sure you make arrangements on this matter otherwise we don't have any responsibility. Arriving participants in KVA Kavala airport can be picked up any time of the day.

---> Describing the Event level: this is an easy to medium Enduro riding event, participants will have to tolerate the weakest participant and respect his level. No competition level or hard parts will be visited in this event, just normal enduro roads and single trails that all riders can pass. This event is not suitable for Medium / Extreme riders unless they can ride in easy level all days.

---> Hotel rooms: In this event you will be having a single room, escorting guests can stay without charge sharing a double room.



North Star offer and strongly recommends the usage of an Insurance contract covering off road adventures to our clients.


2018 North Star ©

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